5th Grade Reading in Georgia

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finds with a purpose

As I organize my stuff I am finding that I have some hoarding characteristics. Those dollar deals really are great-hence my stockpile. After pulling everything out to see I feel like I need to remember why I wanted to purchase them in the first place. 
I'm going to work w/my 5 year old (Am) and 2 year old (Al) throughout July (pretend school) so I figured I'd start w/the finds I pulled out for them. 

Here goes:
lace beads

Am will be creating or completing patterns (colors, shapes, repetition)
Al will be lacing and identifying bead characteristics (fine motor, colors, shapes)

 alphabet stamps and cards
Am will use the stamps to create/spell words (spelling)
Al will match up the cards and practice the alphabet (letter recognition, fine motor, phonics)

learning mats
Am will spin numbers and letters and practice writing (writing, addition, beginning word sounds)

 cards and tablets
 Am will read the cards about people and practice writing on the tablets (occupations, reading, numbers, alphabet, drawing)
Al will act like the people on the cards and use the tablets to doodle and trace (occupations, drawing)

 write-on wipe-off booklets
 Am and Al will use these to practice colors and shapes

tangrams and bolts
 Am will use the tangrams by sorting them, creating pictures, and filling in puzzle mats (colors, shapes)

Al will use the tangrams by identifying their colors and shapes, creating pictures, and comparing their sizes. She'll use the bolts and nuts to match colors (colors, shapes, comparisons, fine motor)

In my drawers...

So I have been trying to organize in between school years. Let's just say it's really good that I didn't take before pictures!
Take a peek in a couple of my drawers. It was a frightening mess before-at least I can sorta locate things now.

these are just a few drawers



One day I will be super organized and have less STUFF! Until then...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh dollar deals!

If it's not Dollar Tree, it's the dollar section at Target-brings out the spender in me. I could barely control myself today. I'll be posting my finds and what I plan on using everything for.

My house is beginning to look like a resource room-I must get organized!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A pocket chart board

What started as a memo board (which I have made quite a few of) became a super useful display for my girls. Oh and one for the kitchen. I wanted to be able to put "whatever" I wanted to display on it and be able to change it out easily. This is what resulted: 

I think I'll make another one for 4 x 6 photos.

☾ Moon Phases ☽

I made this activity and hope it will help someone else too!

The Kinetic King

We saw Tim Fort on America's Got Talent the other night and he was AMAZING! His channel (lunatim) on youtube.com is really cool to watch.

Who knew sticks could be so fun?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Fam ❤

My Family



Sites 2

A ton of resources, games, videos, and more from BBC.

Lots of resources.

Like online Mad Libs.

Used this for spelling all the time!

List of resources for "gifted" education.

Phonics resource.

More graphic organizers.

Has some free resources, but the membership is low cost and the benefits are well worth it.

Vermilion Parish Curriculum
Search my grade level and subject for AWESOME resources. Love this site!

Online Stopwatch
Online timer-a must in the classroom.

PBS Teachers
PBS has great stuff on TV and online.

Our Documents
Documents of the US

ABC Teach
Has freebies but full access requires a membership.

Homeschool Share Labooking
Great lapbook resource.

Games :)

Games :) Since the avatar is what the kids really enjoy, I use this as a writing activity-create a setting, create a character-now write about it.

Promethean Planet
Great to use-similar to SmartBoard.

Enchanted Learning
I love my membership here. I'm a word wheeler!

Worksheets, generators.

School Express
Great resources.

English Grammar
Great for a quick reference.

Reading Units
Reading units-list of books with linked units.

Graphic organizers galore.

Excellent resources for all grades. I love this site and use it often for ideas and resources.

Magic Keys
Online books.

I just love online books.

Has more of the classics, better for upper elementary.

Mighty Book
Has some free resources, more available with membership.

Storyline Online
Great readings by great people. 

International Children's Library
I've used this site a few times to read books in whole group settings.

Phonics resource.

Great videos and follow up activities-some freebies, full access requires a membership.

BrainPOP Jr.
Targets younger students.

Magic School Bus - Scholastic
Site offers games and other activities that go along with the Magic School Bus series.

Homeschool Math
Math Resources.

A Plus Math
Math flashcard generator-cool.

Teaching Heart
Teacher resources.

Ms. Winston
Her site is AWESOME!!!

Math Fact Cafe
More math worksheets.

Teaching Blog Addict
More teacher resources.

Sites 1

That Quiz
Excellent math resource to pick and choose quiz settings. Online based.

This site actually breaks down areas and standards and gives a list of activities. Some of the activities are no longer valid but a majority are appropriate and easy to navigate.

Jan Brett
Love Brett's books and the website includes additional resources.

Primary Resources
Teacher resources.

Scholastic Printables
Available resources for purchase (need a membership for everything) but includes cool freebies and ideas.

Free and low cost teacher resources.

Mr. Nussbaum
Free games :)

Arcademic Skill Builders
Loved this site! Setup a private, password needed game with 2-12 students. Has math and language arts.

Sheppard Software
Another great game site. I used this site for all age groups-even for myself to study the periodic table of elements.

Primary Games
Free games :)

Soft Schools
I used this site a ton to give a quick assessment to my 2nd-5th graders.

TLS Books
Sometimes you need a worksheet or two.

Super Teacher Worksheets
Worksheets :)

I used this for a few math activities.

Math Drills
Math worksheets :)

Kelly's Kindergarten
Has lots of free games (game boards) as well as other primary level resources.

ict games
Free numeracy and literacy games. Great for primary level practice.

Mrs. McDavid's 2nd Grade
The whole site is awesome. Great place for resources (centers, setup, printables, etc.)

SEN Teacher
Free printables (Math-shapes).

File Folder Fun
File folder games that range from P-3/4. I love this site and the forum has a lot of resources too.

Math activities :)
Oh the wonders of this discovery! A crazy amount of available resources that include...everything? Tons of freebies as well as low cost items.

The School Bell
Printables and tons of resources.

Joanne Griffin
She's a third grade teacher who shares a ton of lessons, center rotations, sites, and resources.

Reading A-Z
Requires a membership but it TOTALLY worth it. Some freebies/trials offered.

Monday, June 20, 2011

In the beginning

Here's another giant leap into the 21st century!