5th Grade Reading in Georgia

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finds with a purpose

As I organize my stuff I am finding that I have some hoarding characteristics. Those dollar deals really are great-hence my stockpile. After pulling everything out to see I feel like I need to remember why I wanted to purchase them in the first place. 
I'm going to work w/my 5 year old (Am) and 2 year old (Al) throughout July (pretend school) so I figured I'd start w/the finds I pulled out for them. 

Here goes:
lace beads

Am will be creating or completing patterns (colors, shapes, repetition)
Al will be lacing and identifying bead characteristics (fine motor, colors, shapes)

 alphabet stamps and cards
Am will use the stamps to create/spell words (spelling)
Al will match up the cards and practice the alphabet (letter recognition, fine motor, phonics)

learning mats
Am will spin numbers and letters and practice writing (writing, addition, beginning word sounds)

 cards and tablets
 Am will read the cards about people and practice writing on the tablets (occupations, reading, numbers, alphabet, drawing)
Al will act like the people on the cards and use the tablets to doodle and trace (occupations, drawing)

 write-on wipe-off booklets
 Am and Al will use these to practice colors and shapes

tangrams and bolts
 Am will use the tangrams by sorting them, creating pictures, and filling in puzzle mats (colors, shapes)

Al will use the tangrams by identifying their colors and shapes, creating pictures, and comparing their sizes. She'll use the bolts and nuts to match colors (colors, shapes, comparisons, fine motor)

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