5th Grade Reading in Georgia

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sites 1

That Quiz
Excellent math resource to pick and choose quiz settings. Online based.

This site actually breaks down areas and standards and gives a list of activities. Some of the activities are no longer valid but a majority are appropriate and easy to navigate.

Jan Brett
Love Brett's books and the website includes additional resources.

Primary Resources
Teacher resources.

Scholastic Printables
Available resources for purchase (need a membership for everything) but includes cool freebies and ideas.

Free and low cost teacher resources.

Mr. Nussbaum
Free games :)

Arcademic Skill Builders
Loved this site! Setup a private, password needed game with 2-12 students. Has math and language arts.

Sheppard Software
Another great game site. I used this site for all age groups-even for myself to study the periodic table of elements.

Primary Games
Free games :)

Soft Schools
I used this site a ton to give a quick assessment to my 2nd-5th graders.

TLS Books
Sometimes you need a worksheet or two.

Super Teacher Worksheets
Worksheets :)

I used this for a few math activities.

Math Drills
Math worksheets :)

Kelly's Kindergarten
Has lots of free games (game boards) as well as other primary level resources.

ict games
Free numeracy and literacy games. Great for primary level practice.

Mrs. McDavid's 2nd Grade
The whole site is awesome. Great place for resources (centers, setup, printables, etc.)

SEN Teacher
Free printables (Math-shapes).

File Folder Fun
File folder games that range from P-3/4. I love this site and the forum has a lot of resources too.

Math activities :)
Oh the wonders of this discovery! A crazy amount of available resources that include...everything? Tons of freebies as well as low cost items.

The School Bell
Printables and tons of resources.

Joanne Griffin
She's a third grade teacher who shares a ton of lessons, center rotations, sites, and resources.

Reading A-Z
Requires a membership but it TOTALLY worth it. Some freebies/trials offered.

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