5th Grade Reading in Georgia

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New finds & stuff I forgot about

While I was going teacher shopping clothes shopping for Am I found these:

Super cute wall hooks at JoAnn!
 At first I resisted, then I saw coordinating fabric and I was done! Not to mention the hooks were 50% off and I had 40% off coupons for the rest...oh and 15% off my entire purchase too. Love it!

Also on my shopping adventure I found a few things at Dollar Tree and while putting everything away I found an old bag that I had yet to put away. Can you tell I love my new crayon fabric?

Click any of the pictures to enlarge view :)

Left: parts of speech file game, science file game

Right: 3 matching games

Center: 3 puzzles

Left: a selection of wipe off clocks and an apple bell

Right: 3 pointers & 2 sets of desk tags

Center: colored #/math tiles

 Left: branches of government handouts

Right: map/states handouts

Center: cells handouts

The clocks and the handouts are new to me (at Dollar Tree) and I must say they look like excellent $1 resources! The clocks are wipe off and there are 24 colored pages in each handout packet. The person that decided to sell colored printouts that are blank is awesome-they must know how much colored ink costs too.

This weekend I'll be working on a few projects so hopefully I'll have something to share by the middle of next week. 

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  1. Thanks alot! You're making me wanna go out and shop at Dollar Tree now! (LOL j/k) Dollar Tree=My Addiction....I love all of their teacher things!! Btw, I'm a new follower :-)

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!