5th Grade Reading in Georgia

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love tangram patterns/puzzles. I still remember my fifth grade teacher showing the class how to create different shapes and figures using the seven pieces (or less). We had to use tangrams to create pictures of important elements in a book of our choosing. Then we had to give an oral presentation and show our tangram creations! I must say that I rocked the assignment. I can't remember what book I was working with but I do remember I made a clock, a bird, a boy, a man, and some kind of setting. 
Kinda crazy what a student remembers and continues to love even when they've grown up.

We had fun playing with tangrams today. Here are some of the sites we explored:

http://tangrams.ca/inner/pdftans.htm (had trouble making our pieces fit the printables)
http://www.museumofplay.org/flash-games/tangrams/ (again, trouble w/printables) 
http://www.logicville.com/tangram.htm (recreate images on the computer)
http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/topic_t_3.html (make your own or recreate on the computer)

I think the computer is the way to go for now. I need to either find or make some patterns for the tangram puzzles we have from Dollar Tree. They were neat to work w/today and I still ♥ good old fashion tangrams!

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